StickerSUV curated by PANE project

Is part of SUV festival organised by BSMNT

13-15 July 2018


"Every morning she would wake up at dawn and cross the city, lingering every time she met a seedling grown in the walls crawlspaces. She would caress the leaves, unable to say anything because of the strong emotion, the air stuck in her throat. Each time it was a total shock, but that time was unforgettable, forever stuck in her mind.

She stole the adhesive stickers from her mother's purse, Esselunga’s collection points (every 25 euros of shopping, a stamp; 100 stamps for a microwave oven with incorporated grill). She twisted the stickers around the stems, rubbing them between the forefinger and the thumb. She stuck them accurately onto the faded petals of the city flowers. She even used a magnifying glass to do so. The operation was more complex than she expected, but she stuck with it.

She walked by the cars parked in the dark, stuck around until the smell of freshly baked bread spread in the air.

Suddenly, she ran into the parking lot, brandished the bundle of flowers weighted down by the stickers and punched the sleepy cars with her own fist. A concert of alarms, a chorus of crazy flocks. It really stuck in somebody’s craw. She stuck around puzzled, wondering why there were all those screams."

BSMNT (Leipzig) invited PANE project (Milan), Bikini Space (Basel), Future Suburban Contemporary (Copenhagen), Konstanet (Tallinn) Galerie A.M.180 (Prague) Die Walz (Frankfurt/London) to participate in SUV, a festival for non-commercial projects to stage a collaborative and experimental exhibition at Werkschauhalle, in the Spinnerei, a former cotton factory in Leipzig.
Each project space is invited to curate an exhibition in and around a SUV parked in the venue.
PANE invited selected artists to design a sticker to be placed on the car.

Go Dugong composed "Acelerada" a new piece that will be played for 72 hours inside the car.
Stickers installations and documentation inspiration by Marian Luft.