- The website is too white, it's not good.
- Yes, but this way you can better see the artworks.
- But it looks empty.
- Yeah I know, but what else can we do? At least it's not messy. I like order, simple things done nicely.
- Let's have at least one image on the homepage! A little hint of color, yes?
- We could ask artists to design a video, an image, a sound, a content we can share on the homepage.
- A cover? What do you think about it?

Intermittently, at a more or less regular pace, free from pressure, PANE project will publish original covers with no boundaries of media, conceived by contributing artists for its homepage.

PANE project inaugurates the series with the work by Nuno Patrício.

COVER 1 - Nuno Patrício, THE KINDRED, 2018

Nuno Patrício (b. 1985)
Visual artist based in Lisbon (PT), whose work combines video, installation, sculpture and digital composites, addressing the complexity and influence of visual reminiscence on social and cultural ephemeris. Beyond human subjectivity, Patrício is interested in deconstructing personal references, while exploring the blurred distinction between the physical and the virtual, the natural and the supernatural, all in their corresponding explorations of transmuting visual assemblages. He is also the director of O Fluxo, an online platform that aims to disseminate a critical understanding of contemporary culture by promoting the work of emerging artists, activists, theorists and students from all over the world.

THE KINDRED is a motion arrangement that explores the tortuous journey of a man mutating into something else, something that he doesn't quite understand, standing in a position of not knowing what is real anymore or if it's just his mind playing tricks on him. The video uses several manipulated stills from Michael Haneke's debut feature film 'Der Siebente Kontinent', a 1989 Austrian drama reportedly inspired by a true story of a middle-class family that committed suicide where the male figure is the last one to die. In THE KINDRED, the character finds himself in a similar position, a man who loses part of his humanity and this could be a testimony of his last delusions.